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Redemption's 4th Anniversary...

Redemption's 4th Anniversary...

Two weeks ago we celebrated the fourth anniversary of Redemption Bible Church's public launch. Each year we commemorate this day because it marks another year of God's faithfulness to our church family.

Our friend, Jake Moreland, of Two Birds Photography was kind enough to shoot pictures throughout the day and then at our church-wide picnic. I'm humbled to by all God's done and amazed at all He's carried us through. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed celebrating God's work!


Anniversary Service

Can't believe how God has grown our church.

Blessed to meet many visitors before and after service.

Daniel Popp (in gray) came one week after our public launch and he and his family have been with us ever since. People like this make our church special.

Marlandis is one of five people baptized at Redemption in the past two weeks.

Best hair and shortest boyfriend awards go to Alyssa Dixon.

Thankful to be lead by Pastor Scott into the presence of God each week.

In other news, Pastor Scott is a seriously tough looking worship pastor. 

So thankful for the family of faithful musicians God is raising up at Redemption. 

Pastor Tyler faithfully keeps our community connected.

I was blessed to finish up our Doubting God series. One of my favorite series we've done.

The Picnic

Was awesome having the Salsa Truck out serving lunch!

This is just good parenting.

My boy is getting heavy. 

Redemption would not exist without my amazing wife...and we have some cute kids!

Derek Thomas was on my kickball team and dressed like a banana...so there was that...

If you've ever wondered how men should play kickball, Dan Henderlight put on a clinic.

It was an amazing day start to finish and we can't wait to see what God has in store for this year! 

The Privilege of Praise

The Privilege of Praise

The Hurdle & Hope of Manhood

The Hurdle & Hope of Manhood