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Five On Friday, 11.22.13

Five On Friday is the content I have found most helpful, funny, or interesting this week. Just because I share them does not mean I agree with, nor endorse everything they assert. Enjoy!

5 Things To Do Before Leaving Your Church

Thabiti Anyabwile

"Leaving a local congregation should be one of the most difficult decisions we face. It should be filled with the recollection of our love for the saints, their love for us, our service together in the name of our Lord, and our sorrows and joys in the faith. A church is family and we ought never feel it easy to leave family–even an unhealthy family.

But we do sometimes find ourselves at that crossroads. When we’ve decided to leave, there are at least five things we want to do before we go."

7 Dangers Of Discouragement

Jen Thorn

"I am sure that every single person on earth has at one time or another experienced discouragement. I will be the first to admit that I struggle with it. Just last week I was feeling discouraged about a number of things and it lasted quite a few days. Ugh. Here is what I have learned. It turns out that discouragement is not as harmless as I once thought."

If You Shop On Thanksgiving, You Are Part Of The Problem

Matt Walsh

"Many of the big chain retailers will be opening during, or before, dinner time on Thanksgiving. Walmart, Kmart, Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s — all among the many electing to cannibalize Thanksgiving. Kmart will be open starting at 6 AM on Thanksgiving morning, offering great Black Friday deals for 41 straight hours. This is fortunate because I often walk into Kmart and think, 'you know, the stuff in here just isn’t cheap enough.'"

How To Plan A Preaching Calendar 

Josh Reich

"I’ve learned that the Holy Spirit can speak 1 hour before I preach a sermon and 1 year before I preach a sermon. I just need to listen. I think planning ahead is biblical and wise, whether it is your life or ministry. Can you take the Holy Spirit out of things by planning that far in advance? Yes. You can also take the Holy Spirit out by being a last minute guy because you are more likely to preach what you want to preach."

When Men #ActLike Men

James MacDonald

"Together with my friends Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, Greg Laurie and Eric Mason, three Act Like Men conferences unpacked the power of that Scripture for more than 23,550 men across North America this fall. Over 1000 men made public decisions for Christ, and thousands upon thousands were convicted, challenged, encouraged and equipped to get a firm grip on what it really means to act like men."


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A Detailed Strategy for Making Decisions

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