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Five On Friday, 12.7.13

Five On Friday is the content I have found most helpful, funny, or interesting this week. Just because I share them does not mean I agree with, nor endorse everything they assert. Enjoy!

4 Street-Level Arguments For Sexual Immorality

Matt Chandler

As fallen human beings we tend to explain away or excuse our sin. We all do it. It's part of our desires to justify ourselves apart from the blood of Christ. So below are four street-level excuses we commonly use to justify our sexual sin coupled with answers...


6 Simple Ways To Write A Better Blog Post

Mark Driscoll

Many Christian writers have a lot of truth to share, but they fail to generate interest because they fail to make their writing compelling. Their content comes off as true like the phone book, not true like a love letter or an invitation to go on a life-changing adventure. Here’s how to get your message out further...


Thinking About Thinking About Rap

Al Mohler

Over the past few days the evangelical community has been talking about the kinds of things you would expect — the meaning of Thanksgiving, the turn to the Christmas season, the fact that some stores were opening on Thanksgiving Day and the various issues of the season. And then came rap. Out of the blue, when least expected, the topic changed to rap and the Gospel. Over the last few days a great deal has been written and said, sparked by a panel discussion at an evangelical conference in which rap music was dismissed as unworthy of evangelicals and of the Gospel...


What Small Churches Can Do 

Joe Thorn

The gathering of the saints on the Lord's Day is the most critical gathering of the local church. I know not everyone sees it this way. Call me "old-school." Call me traditional. Call me institutional. But, I am convinced that gathering together to hear the Scripture read and preached, to observe the Lord's Supper, to sing Christ's praises, and pray together as one family is the central event in the life of the church and that everything else she does is rooted in and grows out of this assembly...


Just for fun...

Video by Carlos Whittaker

5 Ways To Love Your Pastor's Kids

5 Ways To Love Your Pastor's Kids

I'm at a crossroads and I'm not afraid

I'm at a crossroads and I'm not afraid