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I Am - Part 3 - Jesus, The Door Of Life

Title: Jesus, the door to life (John 10:7-10)

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Sermon Overview:

You and I were created to experience a particular quality of life - Jesus called it abundant life. Sadly, many only experience a cheap knock off of this true life Jesus desires for us. For this reason He stepped into human history -  so that humanity could experience what we were created for. 

In John 10:7-10 Jesus claims to be the only door to this true and abundant life. This claim has at least two implications:

First, if Jesus is the only door to true life than all others doors must be shut as a means to life - resource, relationship, religion - any and all doors promising true life apart from Jesus will eventually destroy us. 

Second, if Jesus is the only door to true life than everyone must enter through Him. There is no “choose your own adventure” option for true life. There is Jesus and everything else. He's the only means to true life.

Jesus goes so far as to describe this abundant life He came to offer us. In John 10:9 He hightlights three marks of abundant life: 

1.  Salvation

“If anyone enters by me, he will be saved...”

Despite the popular notion that there are an infinite number of doors leading to the same God, Jesus claims to be the only means by which we are saved. If anyone is going to be forgiven of sin and made right with God, they must enter through Him.

2. Security

“If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out...”

Those who are in Christ, are secure in Him. Jesus pictures sheep moving in and out of the sheepfold free from fear. This means, even in the face of chaos, you’re secure in Christ. Your sin can’t steal your salvation. No tragedy can alter your eternity. Those who are saved by Jesus are secure in Him.

3. Provision

“If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture.”

To find pasture is to find provision. Jesus promises to provide for every one of His people’s needs - every single one. There will never be a need you have that Jesus will not provide for. If Jesus doesn’t provide it, it’s because you don’t need it. 

Jesus is the only door to true life. So the ultimate question is, do you believe that?


Questions For Reflection:

1. What do you believe constitutes “true life?”

2. What door are you most prone to look to for the purpose of true life? 

  • Resource (i.e. a different job, the next raise, a new home, etc.)
  • Relationship (i.e. someone to date, a spouse, kids, better community, etc.)
  • Religion (i.e. another faith, a religious distortion of Christianity, etc.)

3. What would it look like for you to shut this door as a means to life?

4. Where do you need to need to trust Jesus? 

  • Salvation - have you turned from your sin and trusted Jesus by faith?
  • Security - What fear, anxiety, or insecurity do you need to trust to Jesus’ protection?
  • Provision - what need are you currently dependent on Jesus’ provision for?


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