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4 Ways God Has Been Good To Redemption…

4 Ways God Has Been Good To Redemption…

This Sunday is the four year anniversary of Redemption Bible Church's public launch. In God's providence I will preaching a sermon called "Is God Good?" as a part of our Doubting God series. I can confidently confess that these past four years God has proven Himself good over and over again.

Psalm 106:1 says, "Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever." Therefore, I think it is only fitting that I thank God for four of the countless ways He's been good to our church family these past four years. 

1. God has prospered us.

I remember sitting in my basement wracked with fear just prior to planting Redemption. I knew God had called me to this work, I just had no clue how He would grow it. There were only seven of us at the start. I kept thinking, "Where are the people going to come from?" Yet, one-by-one people joined our little family and set to serving the mission Jesus called us to. People have been saved. People have been set free. People have been sustained through tragedy. Through it all, even when it hurt, God's been good in prospering us.  

2. God has provided for us.

I'm fond of saying that God always provides FOR everything He calls us TO - God's good like that. There have been seasons that have been tight. There have been seasons where we've had no idea how God would provide. There have been seasons when we've wondered if we would make it. But, because God is good, there has never been one moment in four years when God did not provide everything we needed. 

3. God has pushed us.

Redemption has never been comfortable. When God first called me to church planting He told me that my journey would never be easy. Thus far, He has delivered on that promise. This journey has taken turns I did not expect, caused me pain I could not have foreseen, and been far more difficult than I imagined. Through it all, God has been good and this experience has been better than I could have possibly envisioned. 

4. God has pastored us.

God has so faithfully shepherded us. I am confident that God has used Redemption for the most good and growth in those of us who have been here the longest - chiefly me. I'm a different man than I was four years ago. God did that! He has pruned, encouraged, carried, and transformed me - and He is just getting started. Jesus is our Chief Shepherd and our Senior Pastor. In His goodness, He has been strong, tender, and faithful.

Outside of my faith and my family, these past four years have been God's greatest gift to me. I love my church and I hope to pastor it for the rest of my life. No matter what comes and what it costs, I know with great certainty, that God has been, is, and always will be good to us. 

Happy Birthday, Redemption!


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