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3 Keys to Facing My Sin

3 Keys to Facing My Sin

This is adapted from my latest sermon entitled: “A Change of Mind: Three Keys to Facing My Sin." You can listen to the full sermon audio here.


Most people would rather do anything other than face their sin.

The problem is, facing sin is the first step to repenting of it. The puritan Thomas Watson wrote, "Before a man can come to Christ, He must first come to himself...Sin must first be seen before it can be wept for."

In 2 Samuel 12, the prophet Nathan confronts the concealed sin of King David. David was guilty of a body of sin that would make the most hardened of sinners blush. There is much in the example of David that should not be replicated, but there is one thing that should - he finally faced his sin when Nathan called him on it. After nine months of hiding his sin, David finally admits in v.12,

"I have sinned against the LORD."

In this simple sentence we learn so much about repentance, specifically three keys to facing our sin...

1. Look at it honestly.

David acknowledged he was a sinner who had despised God and His Word. He hadn't "made a mistake." He had sinned. First and foremost, He had sinned against the LORD (Psalm 51:4). We too, need to look at our sin for what it is: rebellion, treason, and unfaithfulness toward God Himself.

2. Confess it immediately.

Hiding our sin from God will always hinder our relationship with Him. It must have hindered David's relationship with the Lord for the nine months he had concealed it. Yet, to David's credit, he confessed immediately when Nathan called him on the carpet. We too, must confess our sin without delay. We must confess our sin to God (1 John 1:9) and we must confess it to one another (James 5:16).

3. Own it completely. 

David didn't justify or downplay his sin. He took responsibility for it. Repentance requires that we own the full responsibility for the sinners we are and the sin we commit.

No more shifting of blame or explaining away our sin. No more ignoring or hiding the sin we are struggling with. It's time to look at it, confess it, and own what we've done. This is what it means to face our sin. This is where repentance starts. Facing our sin is the first step to repenting of it. So, what sin do you need to face today?

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