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Five On Friday, 1.24.14

Five On Friday is the content I have found most helpful, funny, or interesting this week. Just because I share them does not mean I agree with, nor endorse everything they assert. Enjoy!

Brothers, we are not Amateurs: A Plea for Ministry Preparation

Jason K. Allen

Few men have shaped the 21st century church more than John Piper, and few of his books have proven more helpful than his Brothers, We are not Professionals. Piper was right. Ministers are not to be professionals, and his call for radical, sacrificial, selfless ministry is spot on. Yet, when it comes to ministerial service, we are not called to be amateurs either.


First Thought, Worst Thought

Mark O'Connell

One of the strange and slightly creepy pleasures that I get from using Twitter is observing, in real time, the disappearance of words from my stream as they are deleted by their regretful authors. It’s a rare and fleeting sight, this emergency recall of language, and I find it touching, as though the person had reached out to pluck his words from the air before they could set about doing their disastrous work in the world, making their author seem boring or unfunny or ignorant or glib or stupid. 


Authentic & Mindful {An Interview With Dr. Barbara Sorrels}

Ashley Ann

In the past I’ve mentioned my friend Dr. Barbara Sorrels a few times. I can’t express how much insight and wisdom she has shared with my family over the last couple years as we’ve faced some hard things related to our youngest daughter’s story. Last fall, I attended a class she taught called “Parenting Kids From Hard Places”. The class was full of foster parents, adoptive parents and potential adoptive/foster parents.  She opened my eyes to so many things and gave me tools to help our family journey through difficult seasons.


How to Make Accountability Work

Tim Challies

Accountability has gotten a bad rap. It is easy to see why, I guess. When it comes to battling against sin, and especially those stubborn, addictive sins, accountability relationships are sometimes held up as a cure-all, a near guarantee of success. Yet often they end up being a means of commiseration more than challenge, a time when Christians sit around feeling sorry for one another rather than full-on battling against sin.


Five Ways To Teach Your Children To Hate The Ministry

Ed Stetzer

To put it bluntly, a lot of pastors' children hate the ministry. My team interviewed 20 pastors' kids who are adults now. They provided some insights that were both inspiring and disturbing. Children with a pastor-parent can grow to hate the ministry for many reasons, but there are five guaranteed ways you can make sure they hate being a pastor's kid (PK).

11 Issues Impacting Your Preaching

11 Issues Impacting Your Preaching

Seeing The Miraculous In The Mundane

Seeing The Miraculous In The Mundane