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Five On Friday, 1.31.14

Five On Friday is the content I have found most helpful, funny, or interesting this week. Just because I share them does not mean I agree with, nor endorse everything they assert. Enjoy!

How To Harness The Creative Power Of Introverts At Work

Harvey Deutschendorf

"In previous centuries our culture valued quiet integrity and introspection. However, in today’s culture the emphasis on personality and striving to be noticed has propelled the extroverted personalities to be valued. That person speaks fast, loud, and a lot. They think while they are speaking. The introvert, who articulates her ideas in her mind before speaking, is quiet and reserved, has been pushed to the background."


Why I Don't Preach Sometimes

James MacDonald

"Is it possible you are working too hard and serving too much? Here are some reasons why regular ‘breaks’ from the preaching/teaching that interrupt the routine are a must. By breaks I mean more than ‘one-off’ weekends. I mean two or three times per year, when you are out of the pulpit for 2-3 weeks consecutively and don’t appear on the platform or in the lobby at all."


Why Do We Do That?

Joe Thorn

"In our worship program (bulletin, Order of Service, Missional Framework for Gospel Centered Communal Experience... or whatever you like to call it) we not only include the complete liturgy, but also a section titled, "Why Do We Do That?" This is a couple paragraphs explaining a different aspect of our worship each week. With people coming from different Christian traditions, or no Christian background at all, we believe it's important to explain why we do what we do on the Lord's Day. We are still writing them, but here are the ones we use so far."


The Best Books Ever Written on Creativity, Writing, Platform, and Pursuing Your Dreams 

Chad R. Allen

"Good books and the authors who write them make for some of the most helpful companions on the creative journey. Below is a categorized list of what I consider the best books out there on creativity, writing, platform, and pursuing your dreams. I commented on books I’ve read and loved. Others made the list either because I’ve heard so much about them they just have to be on the list, or because people I trust (including readers of this blog!) have recommended them."


10 Benefits Of Rising Early, And How To Do It

Leo Babauta

"Recently, reader Rob asked me about my habit of waking at 4:30 a.m. each day, and asked me to write about the health benefits of rising early, which I thought was an excellent question. Unfortunately, there are none, that I know of. However, there are a ton of other great benefits."

5 Prayer Requests For Preachers

5 Prayer Requests For Preachers

5 Suggestions for Pursuing God in a Busy Season

5 Suggestions for Pursuing God in a Busy Season