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Platform Is Not The Problem

A lot of Christian leaders are talking about personal “platform” right now.  A few are teaching us how to build them, while most seem to think they should be torn down. The conflicting messages are enough to leave you shaking your head, not sure what to think. So for what it is worth, here’s my two cents…

A platform is a neutral. 

A platform is a tool. 

A platform is simply the sphere of influence through which you spread your message. 

What matters in building a platform is motive. If you build a platform to boost your own ego and fame, then your platform is a soul-crushing problem. If you build a platform from which to preach the gospel, then your platform is a powerful means of making Jesus known. 

The problem is not platform, but depravity. 

I will be the first to admit that what starts as a desire to spread Jesus’ name can quickly become a self-serving pursuit of one’s own fame. (Obviously I want to become famous for rhyming…).

We have to continually uncover what is in our hearts. Why do we tweet what we tweet, blog what we blog, and pin what we pin? Whose name are we trying proclaim? When our platforms feed our pride, will we repent and seek the sanctifying grace of God’s Spirit? 

You have a platform whether you like it, or not. The real question is, “Why?”


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