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The Need For Renewed Preaching

Friday is the day many preachers are sitting down to do the difficult work of writing yet another sermon. I'm familiar with the thoughts that pervade our prep: "Is this going to come together? Does it even make any difference? Will God use my imperfect preaching to accomplish His perfect will?"

Despite the questions and doubts, we sit at our keyboards today and pound out our best attempts at a clear, concise and compelling sermon. If you're a preacher like me, allow this inspiring reminder from Lloyd-Jones of the importance of our task to fuel your efforts today:

“Is it not clear, as you take a bird’s-eye view of Church history., that the decadent periods and eras in the history of the Church have always been those periods when preaching had declined? What is it that always heralds the dawn of a Reformation or of a Revival? It is renewed preaching. Not only a new interest in preaching but a new kind of preaching. A revival of true preaching has always heralded these great movements in the history of the Church. And, of course, when the Reformation and the Revival come they have always led to great and notable periods of the greatest preaching the Church has ever known.” 

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones from Preaching & Preachers


What are you preaching this weekend? I'd love to pray for you...


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