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The Battle Continues

“It is finished.”

Those may be the three most life-changing, sin-destroying, and eternity-altering words in the Bible. 

Having lived a sinless life Himself, Jesus took the sins of the world upon His own shoulders and died the death that we deserved, in order to give us the life we didn’t. As He humbly hung and breathed His last, He uttered these three words of victory - “It is finished.” There is no more price to be paid. There is no more atonement needed. Jesus paid to purify our hearts and lives because we could not. But don’t miss this: 

When Jesus said “It is finished,” He was speaking of the war, not the battle. 

Christians are called to kill the sin that Jesus has conquered. Jesus dealt the decisive and devastating blow to our sin, but a battle still rages and we must fight. We’re to work, toil and strive to suffocate our sin.

Sadly, too many Christians cry about sin and its effects but give zero effort to actually killing it. In fact, it seems we do nearly everything other than kill our sin

So, what would it look like for you to go to war on your sin today? Prayer, God’s Word, and Biblical community are all weapons God’s called us to wield in our war on sin. The war has been won, the battle continues. The question is, will you take up these weapons and follow the Spirit of God into this battle? 

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