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The Promise of Seeing Jesus

The power of a promise is an amazing thing. Think about it…

The promise of dessert has the power to get my kids to eat dinner. The promise of graduation has the power to help many students endure difficult seasons of education. The promise of promotion has the power to cause people to pursue excellence in their workplaces. The promise of a new mobile device has the power to cause us to hate a perfectly good mobile device we already own. The promise of weight loss has the power to woo us into horrible things like juice fasts and wheat-less diets.

Few things have more power than a good promise. The Bible is filled with promises. The Bible promises that one day Christ will return and restore all things to the perfect condition in which they were created. On that day Revelation 22:4 promises us that we will “see His face.” That may seem insignificant, even anti-climatic to you, but let me tell you why I think that may be the most significant promise in Scripture.

When you look into the face of Jesus, every ounce of pain will pass away.

When you look into the face of Jesus, all the doubt and disappointment will disappear.

When you look into the face of Jesus, the clouds of confusion that consume so much of this life will finally clear.

No wonder Jesus said true happiness was tied to seeing God (Matthew 5:8). As it turns out, the thing we’re all looking for is what we’ll only experience when we look into the face of Jesus. 

The promise of seeing Jesus should have great power in our lives. This promise should encourage us, inspire us, motivate us, humble us, and give us a deep hope of better things to come. Christ is coming, Christian, and on that day you will see His face. In that moment, all seasons, experiences, and problems that seemed so significant will be eclipsed against the backdrop of seeing Jesus’ face . . . I promise. 

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