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#InTheRoom Podcast

I have a new project I’m SO excited about and want to invite you in to! Beginning Monday, December 1, I’m hosting a bi-monthly (which I think means twice a month??) podcast called #InTheRoom


The concept is simple: I want to bring you into the room with pastors, authors and artists for conversations about the craft of ministry. This is a project I’ve thought a lot about. While there is much I’m still trying to figure out, here are three values you can count on from #InTheRoom

1. Authenticity

These are real conversations with real leaders about real issues. I’m not after canned principles that sound great on paper, but fall sadly short in practice. It won’t be scripted and the only thing I’ll ever edit may be my stuttering attempt at asking a coherent question:-).

2. Diversity

I have a deep conviction that I have something to learn from everyone. Regardless of tribe, philosophy, or strategy - if you’re making disciples of Jesus, I want hear about how you’re doing it. I want to talk with people I may not agree with on every issue (let’s be honest - do any of us agree with anyone on every issue?) because I want to be challenged, stretched, and grown.

3. Vulnerability

I don’t just want answers to the same five questions every leader gets asked on every conference panel. I’m striving for a look behind the curtain of each guest's heart, mind, and ministry. I’m not interested in just stories of success. I want to hear about fear, failure, and the grace of God that is sufficient for all.

So here’s my big ask: Will you listen to the first episode and help me spread the word? 

My first guest is Pastor Matt Chandler and it’s packed full of awesome. I promise you’ll be blessed by so much of what Matt has to share. 

Email, tweet, Facebook, Instagram, homing pigeon…use whatever means you want, but help me get the word out. To join the conversation online, just use the hashtag #InTheRoom. I’m excited about how God’s going to use this podcast in my life and yours. So make a note - Monday December 1. I’m looking forward to having you #InTheRoom!

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