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3 Ways You Can Help With #InTheRoom

It's been an amazing first few days for my new podcast In The Room! As I'm writing this, it's the #12 podcast in the Religion & Spirituality section, which almost makes my brain explode.

Thank you to everyone who has listened, provided feedback and helped me spread the word. I just wanted to let you know how it's doing and tell you about three ways you can help me with the podcast: 

1. Listen to episode #1 with Matt Chandler.

The most consistent piece of feedback I continue to hear this week surrounds how much wisdom Pastor Matt shares on the podcast. What he shares is so helpful for all Christians - not just other pastors.

2. Leave a review for me.

Reviews are one of the main components that iTunes uses to determine which podcasts receive increased visibility. They also help people determine if they will sacrifice their time and give a podcast a shot. So if you have a second, would you mind clicking over and leaving a review?

3. Let somebody else know about the podcast.

The BIGGEST way you can help is simply spreading the word. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email, just telling people - it all helps. So, if you've enjoyed it and have a way to let someone else know about it, I'd appreciate really it. 

Thanks so much for all your help this week. We're in this together and I hope you'll find In The Room helpful. I love you and thanks again for your help!

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