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How to Persevere Under Pressure

How to Persevere Under Pressure

Big Idea: The sum total of the Christian life is secure in Christ.

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It’s increasingly difficult to be a Bible-believing Christian in our culture and it’s only going to get worse.

The push to compromise comes from the culture outside the church and even from inside the church. There is mounting pressure to exchange truth for tolerance, especially in the areas of sexuality, spirituality and immorality. 

As Christians, we’re faced with two options: We can contend for the faith, or we can compromise it.

The New Testament book of Jude contains a stern warning of what will happen if our faith is compromised. It is also a call to us to fight for the faith in our own lives and culture, to persevere under pressure.

Jude roots this fight in our spiritual identity as followers of Christ, establishing three reasons why, even though their culture and their church were increasingly filled with false teaching and teachers, they were (and we are) secure in Christ. 

"To those who are CALLED, BELOVED in God the Father and KEPT for Jesus Christ..."

(Jude 1b)

1. Christians are CALLED by God.

More than a mere invitation, the call of God is a sovereign, gracious and decisive act of choosing to save helpless sinners. God has removed us from danger and pulled us to safety and eternal security in Him.

2. Christians are LOVED in God.

This love is the product of our union with God through Christ - we are IN Him. We are not just tolerated nor is His love dependent on our performance. We are loved by God because of Jesus’ perfect performance in our place.

3. Christians are KEPT by God. 

We are incapable of remaining chaste and clean for Jesus on our own; only God’s grace can save us and keep us. The Christian life is both started and sustained by God. 

Though the pressure on us will continue to mount as we persevere in a Biblically faithful walk with Jesus, we need never fear. Our lives are secure in Christ. We always fight FROM and never FOR our security.


(Adapted by Diane Rivers from sermon entitled, “How to Persevere Under Pressure”.)

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