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Five On Friday, 2.21.14

Five On Friday is the content I have found most helpful, funny, or interesting this week. Just because I share them does not mean I agree with, nor endorse everything they assert. Enjoy!

The Cold That Bothers Us

Greg Forster

"The Pixar conquest of Disney—the ongoing effort by the new recruits from Pixar to change the Mouse House's shallow culture of self-indulgence and self-esteem with something much more morally serious—has been an uneven battle up to now. But Frozen is an unqualified victory for Pixar's morally serious and culturally edifying storytelling, and its stratospheric success with audiences and critics may well turn the tide of the war. It's a profound movie on many levels."


Three Reasons To Get Some Sleep

Jonathan Parnell

"The fact is humans need sleep, between 7–8 hours a day. But most of us aren’t getting it. According to studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sleep deprivation is epidemic. In the last week articles and infographs have been circulating the web with convincing evidence that this is the real deal. In addition to that content, here are three reasons why you should get some sleep."


Understanding The 6 Kinds Of Worship Services

Mark Driscoll

"Too often a church service is themed theologically, without consideration for the mood emotionally. But getting the mood right is very important. If you don’t, the sermon and the rest of the service won’t align for a journey, but collide like a car wreck...In general, I tend to think of six kinds of Bible texts that require six emotional varieties of church services."


Five Principles Of Civil Dialogue

Donald Miller

"When we begin to associate our ideas with our identities (I am good because I am right) we lose the ability to be objective. And rather than learning to learn, we simply learn to defend. To be certain, there are basic truths we must defend, but we don’t defend these ideas from our egos."


Maybe Church Is About More Than What We See

Nate Pyle

"I love the church, and I believe a lot of what we see on the surface of church isn’t necessary to the Christian faith. But that doesn’t mean we should throw it out. Church, as with most spiritual things, has the surface thing we see, and then there is the thing behind the thing. If all we see is the music and the lectures and the frustrated parents who spent the morning wrangling kids into clothes to get them to church on time, then we have to wonder if it is worth it."


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