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3 Critical Choices in Crisis

3 Critical Choices in Crisis

Big Idea | "God will bring good out of every evil experienced by His people."


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It’s inevitable: Crisis is coming for all of us. We live in a fallen world where evil exists and will affect each of us. Holding on to our Christian faith will become increasingly difficult in our culture and we will be tested. 

If we try hoping, ignoring, or pretending we won’t experience our share of crises, we will miss the opportunity to prepare our hearts and minds for when reality comes crashing in on us.

A crisis will either damage or deepen our faith. The difference is a choice.

In the Old Testament book of Genesis, beginning in Chapter 37, we read the story of Joseph, whose life involved one crisis after another. He was hated by his brothers, sold into slavery, falsely accused, cast into prison, betrayed and forgotten time and again. 

Yet Joseph exemplified the importance of the choices we make in the crises we face. His response to the seemingly endless evil that befell him in his life shows us three critical choices that we, too, can make. By God’s grace, if we make these choices, whatever crisis we walk through will deepen our faith:

1. Choose FIDELITY to God. (Genesis 39:1-10)

Joseph chose to remain faithful to God even when he experienced treatment he didn’t deserve. Like Joseph, we will experience crises we can’t take ourselves out of. But we do get to choose how we will handle them when they come. 

If we want our faith to deepen in the inevitable crises we will face, we have to choose fidelity to God. Disappointing and difficult circumstances never justify disobedience. 

2. Choose FAITH in God. (Genesis 45:4-8)

Joseph recognized the importance of his experience and never made light of it. He simply acknowledged God’s power and sovereign plan in the midst of all he went through. His is a powerful testimony of faith.

Abandoning faith in the face of crisis is fruitless. The question should never be “Why?” but always “What?” What is God doing in this? What is He trying to accomplish in me? When we abandon faith in God, we forfeit the blessing of God through the crisis.

3. Choose FORGIVENESS with God. (Genesis 50:15-21)

Joseph’s fidelity and faith in the crises he faced were not his most surprising choices. His forgiveness was. Joseph knew God’s plan was greater than any evil he faced. His insight into what God was doing enabled him to forgive his brothers. Nothing suffocates our hearts like harboring hurt.

We, too, can move forward by admitting our sin of failing to forgive, asking the spirit of God for help, and activating the forgiveness process, releasing the one who has harmed us and allowing healing to happen over time.

The promise from God’s Word that He will bring good out of every evil empowers us to choose fidelity, faith, and forgiveness in the crises we face. Our suffering and pain are never pointless when we trust God to deepen our faith through it.

(Adapted by Diane Rivers from the sermon titled “3 Critical Choices in Crisis”.)

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