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Anchoring Your Life to God's Word

Anchoring Your Life to God's Word

Big Idea | If you're not anchored to God's WORD, you will drift from His WILL.

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Life has a way of carrying us places we never planned. If we want to remain attached to what we should be and not drift into what we shouldn’t, we’re going to need an anchor.

As Christians, our anchor should be God’s Word. Without it, we’re in danger of drifting away from God’s will for our lives and into doubt, discouragement, and disobedience. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

Jude addressed this concern in his letter to first-century Christians. In verses 8-13 of his short New Testament book, he described the sin of false teachers of that day, sin that caused them to drift into waters that threatened eternal suffering. Jude wanted to warn the church about them, so they wouldn’t become like them. 

From Jude’s description, we can see five reasons it’s dangerous to drift from God’s Word:

1. We might shipwreck our faith.

It only takes a single lie perceived to be true to sink one’s faith. If we aren’t holding to the anchor of God’s Word to inform our worldview, our understanding of God, our interpretation of our circumstances, and our perception of humanity, we are vulnerable to false teaching and invite potentially devastating damage.

2. We might fall for false promises.

One of the most common marks of false teaching is a promise in the mouth of God that He never made. Apart from an understanding of and familiarity with God’s Word, we may hear such a promise, believe it to have come from God, then reject Him when He fails to deliver on a promise He never made.

3. We might follow ungodly leadership.

Just because a person is kind, charismatic, or compelling doesn’t mean they’re a biblically qualified leader. A spiritual leader’s life should produce a particular type of spiritual fruit. If we’re not anchored to God’s Word we have no bar by which to determine a person’s qualification for spiritual leadership. We can be led astray and deeply hurt.

4. We might be swept away into ungodliness.

When we follow the ungodly, it’s only a matter of time before we forsake godliness ourselves. We are to have loving, meaningful, engaging relationships with people who don’t know Jesus, but we must anchor our hearts in God’s Word to protect us from falling into ungodly ways.

5. We might make misdirected decisions.

Our lives are filled with an endless number of decisions daily. If we’re not seeking guidance for our decisions in God’s Word, we will inevitably make a decision that deviates from God’s will, dishonoring Him and wreaking destruction in our lives. Listening to an unreliable source leads to misdirection. 

One of the most dangerous things we can do is to look at other people’s sin and think, “That could NEVER happen to me.” Like the false teachers described in Jude, when we wander away from God, we are always only two bad decisions away from the worst sin imaginable. 

If we don’t anchor our lives to God’s Word we, too, will drift from His will.

(Adapted by Diane Rivers from sermon entitled, "Anchoring Your Life to God's Word".)

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