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Made for God

Made for God

BIG IDEA | True life is only found in Christ.

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Though we all come from different walks of life and represent diversity in almost every area, there is at least one thing we all share: Every human being has a an innate desire to experience true life.  

We long for enlightenment, we desperately seek significance. Some even go to extreme lengths, leaving everything in their search for meaning, and their stories resonate with us. 

The paths we choose to pursue true life include such things as love, success, and money. Yet despite our best efforts, we continue to come to the end of these paths that hold out the promise of life and are left wanting. We all know people who have wonderful friends and families, who have experienced incredible success, and have amassed great wealth and an array of possessions, but are still miserable.

The truth is, this yearning for meaning (and dissatisfaction with less) is normal. We were made to experience more from life than we are currently experiencing. The Bible paints a clear picture of a different path; a path that leads to extraordinary satisfaction.

In John 10:7-11, we find Jesus in the midst of one of His many conflicts with the religious elite of His day. Leaders whom God intended to be guides to His people had become stumbling blocks. They had been telling people lies that were robbing them of the true life God had made them for and Jesus was calling them out on it. Jesus contrasted Himself, His mission, and His ministry with theirs. They were “thieves” whose goal was to “steal and kill and destroy” while His stated purpose was: “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

Here are three important observations about Jesus’ claim:

1. Jesus came to earth.

Christianity is the only faith that claims God Himself, as the man Jesus Christ, took on flesh and stepped into human history to save His people. Instead of demanding that we clean ourselves up and then come to God, as every other religion requires, Jesus came to pursue people who would never have pursued Him. He didn’t wait for us to come to Him; He came to us. 

2. Jesus came on purpose and with a purpose. 

Jesus’ coming wasn’t incidental, it was deliberate. It wasn’t accidental, it was intentional. And it wasn't a mistake but a specific purpose and mission that drove His decision to come to earth: We are what drove His decision.

3. Jesus came to bring abundant life.

Jesus came to enable the very thing we all spend so much energy pursuing: not just life, but abundant life, filled with joy, peace, love, purpose, forgiveness, and more. Every aspect of an abundant life is the amazing, life-changing, God-intended byproduct of relationship with Jesus. He is not merely a means to this end; He is both the means AND the end.

There is one path that leads to this abundant life and that is faith in Jesus. True life is only found in Him. 


(Adapted by Diane Rivers from the sermon entitled, "Made for God.")

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