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7 Things I'm Excited About At Church

Last week we moved the Redemption worship services out of the local high school we’ve been meeting in for the past two and half years and into a local performing arts center called The Metropolis. The transition has been close to seamless and has me thinking about a handful of things I’m excited about in this new chapter of our church…

1. The Metropolis staff was amazing.

I can’t imagine most people would be to thrilled about getting up early on a Sunday morning and going to work, but the staff at the Metropolis was on time, wide-eyed, and happy to help. Two of their technicians, Chelsea and Mike, patiently helped us get set up, sound checked, and then ran a strong service for us. The house manager, Kelly, was ever-available for anything we needed and couldn’t have been more helpful. We’re excited about working with this crew and prayerfully hoping we’ll be a blessing to them.

2. Our Missional teams worked hard.

It’s not the easiest thing to move a church’s services from one space to another. There are always surprises and you can’t always know what to expect. Despite what could have been a frustrating first morning, our teams were flexible, friendly, and fun to serve with. Everyone was willing to do whatever needed to be done and I didn’t hear one complaint. We’re blessed with a group of people who love to serve.

3. Our pastors had us well-prepared.

When I thanked the Metropolis staff for all their help, they each commented on how well prepared we were. I can’t take credit for this. Pastor Tyler, Pastor Scott, and Pastor Ashley insured that everything was well organized and ready to go. I know they each invested a great number of hours behind the scenes and I couldn’t ask for better friends to partner with.

4. We are growing in diversity.

When we first started Redemption almost everyone looked the same, sounded the same, and was in a similar season of life. A lot has changed these past five years. Sunday I preached to people of various ethnicities, ages, tax-brackets, and seasons of life. Jesus is drawing a diverse group of people to Himself through the ministry of our church. 

5. We had a packed house.

Redemption has worshipped in six locations over five years. With every move I wonder if people will show up. Sunday they showed up. The room was full for service and the lobby was packed afterwards. This matters because we want to tell as many people as possible about who Jesus is and all He’s done for them. 

6. We are surrounded by people. 

Downtown Arlington Heights is filled with homes, shops and restaurants which means it's filled with people. A number of volunteers on our teams had great conversations with people just walking by. The Starbucks baristas down the street were invited to come to service, some of our guys had a conversation about our church with two men they described as “still drunk from the night before,” and a homeless lady came to church because a man on our Utility team invited her while putting up signs. We’re praying God opens doors for us to make Him known in the neighborhood.

7. God is faithful.

This Sunday we celebrate our five year anniversary and our theme is “Five Years Of Faithfulness.” We chose this theme because from day one God has been faithful. He’s met every need, sustained us through difficult transitions, and shown us more grace than we’ll ever know.

There is so much to be thankful for and I think I’m most thankful that God lets me be a part of this. He has been and will be faithful, so I can’t wait to see what he does next!

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