Ryan is the Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Hickory, NC. He is the host of the "In The Room" podcast, and the author of 8 Hours, Or Less: Writing Faithful Sermons Faster.  

In The Room Ep.44: Vince Antonucci

This week I’m in the room with Vince Antonucci. Vince planted and pastors a church called Verve in Las Vegas, Nevada for people living and working on the Las Vegas strip. He’s recently written a new book called “God For The Rest Of Us: Experience unbelievable love, unlimited hope, and uncommon grace”.

In my conversation with Vince we discuss growing up with a dad on the run from the law, the challenges of pastoring on the strip, how stand-up comedy compares to preaching and why so many feel beyond the love of God. 

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In The Room Ep.45: Douglas Wilson

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