Ryan is the Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Hickory, NC. He is the host of the "In The Room" podcast, and the author of 8 Hours, Or Less: Writing Faithful Sermons Faster.  

In The Room Ep.41: Bob Pritchett

This week, I’m in the room with Bob Pritchett. Bob is probably best known for co-founding Logos Research Systems, a Bible Study software that I and many others use on a weekly basis. Bob currently serves as the CEO of the Faithlife Corporation and has authored two books: Fire Someone Today and Start Next Now. 

In my conversation with Bob, we discuss the story of Logos, how leaders shape the culture of the organizations they lead, and how he stays interested in what he’s leading after all these years. 

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Here are links to all the resources mentioned in Ep 41:

Buy “Fire Someone Today”: rdmptn.org/FireSomeoneToday

Find more information on FaithLife: faithlife.com/about

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Innovators Dilemma: rdmptn.org/InnovatorsDilemma

The Innovators Solution: rdmptn.org/TheInnovatorsSolution

Becoming Steve Jobs: rdmptn.org/BecomingSteveJobs

Creativity, Inc: rdmptn.org/CreativityInc

Legacies of Great Economists: rdmptn.org/LOGE

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