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Why Salt Lake City?

Why Salt Lake City?

You wouldn't believe the responses we get when we tell people we're starting a church in Salt Lake City, UT. The response tends to be so visceral you'd think the zombie apocalypse had broken out in SLC. I literally had a lady at the grocery store tell me she thought we were nuts for starting a church in Salt Lake City.

The assumption is that all of Utah has already been won by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, so why in the world start a church there? First of all, Salt Lake City is a very diverse city. Secondly, shouldn't the strong Mormon influence fuel our desire to take the true gospel of Jesus Christ to Salt Lake? It's like the majority of evangelicalism just decided we were going to give Utah to the Latter-day Saints.  

I think that's a problem. 

The question remains: Why start a new church in Salt Lake City? I believe there are three reasons Salt Lake is one of the most strategic cities in the US to plant churches?

1. We love Salt Lake.

If you’re going to invest your life somewhere, it’s important to love the space in which you live. Our family loves living in the city, but we also love the outdoor life available in the mountains. We love Salt Lake.

2. Salt Lake is growing.

The current population of Salt Lake County is over 2 million and as the fifth fastest growing city in the US, it’s projected to double in the coming decades. Salt Lake is growing.

3. Salt Lake needs churches.

Less than 3% of the people living in Salt Lake are evangelical Christians. In fact, if every Christian church had 5,000 members (which not even one church has), there would still be nearly a million people without a church home. Salt Lake needs churches.

You may ask, "Why start a church in Salt Lake City?" My response is, "Why not?!"

Our vision is to plant churches in pursuit of a spiritual awakening in Salt Lake City. To learn more about how you can be a part of God’s doing, visit Ridgeline.tv.

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