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11 Tools I Never Want To Be Without

We all use various tools to increase our efficiency, effectiveness, and to just plain get through the day. Whether you're old school and still jammin' on a Franklin Covey planner, or using one of the many tablet options on the market today, we all use different apps, devices, and systems to accomplish the various tasks we're responsible for. Here's a list of 11 of my favorite tools that help me do what I need to do on a daily basis...

1. ESV Calfskin Bible (Classic Thinline Edition)

This is by far my single favorite possession God has blessed me with. I received it as a gift when I was approved for the Acts 29 Network and I use it for personal reading, sermon preparation, and it's the only Bible I preach from. It continues to prove to be the highest quality Bible I've ever owned as I highlight, underline, and write in the margins and it's holding up great.

2. 11-inch MacBook Air

I've had multiple Apple computers, but this is my favorite. It weighs a mere 2.38 pounds and is less than an inch thick. It saves an amazing amount of room in my bag and I haven't had a single problem with it. My only regret is that I didn't purchase a larger hard drive.

3. iPhone 4

If I could only have one device, this would be it. I use it for calendar, reading, tweeting, blogging, sermon prep, and obviously as a phone (though the phone is the most disappointing function of this otherwise amazing device.

4. Moleskine (Ruled Notebook - Large Edition)

I started using Moleskine notebooks in 2005 and have not used another notebook since. They are durable, high quality, and lay flat when open (few things annoy me like a notebook that won't lay flat - my life is difficult, I know:-)

5. Evernote 

Where do I even begin to sing the praises of this great app?! If you don't know, Evernote is a digital notebook that is cloud based and thus syncs across all your devices. You can record text and audio notes, as well as attach pictures and documents to notes. You can organize your notes into various notebooks and tag them however you like, making it simple to access them in the future.

6. Dropbox 

Dropbox is cloud-based storage, making all your files accessible from anywhere. No more having to be at the office, or sitting at your computer to email, edit, or access your content. Save it in your Dropbox and you have it anywhere you are. I use the iPhone app to access and email files constantly and now use it to store everything.

7. Sharpie Accent Liquid Highlighters 

I know I'm a nerd, but I'm particular about the highlighters I use, as all highlighters are not created equal. I use these for highlighting in my Bible, the books I read, and for my sermon notes. I keep this assorted pack in my bag at all times.

8. Mobile RSS Reader Pro

My favorite Google RSS reader that I've found. There are desktop, iPhone, and iPad versions available and all of them are excellent. Clean design, simple to use, and highly functional. If you don't mind the ads there's a free version, but for $2.99 you can upgrade to Pro. If you read any number of blogs, you should check it out.

9. Wordpress

I've used both Blogger and Typepad blogging platforms in the past, but thus far Wordpress is my favorite. I'm still learning my way around, but it's working great.

10. Echofon Pro

After trying nearly every Twitter app available, Echofon is still my favorite. It's the cleanest and the most simple, so I don't use anything else.

11. Logos Bible Software (Scholar's Platinum Edition)

Not cheap, but has saved me HOURS of time in sermon prep. I no longer buy any hardcopy commentaries, as it's both cheaper and more efficient to have them all in digital format and searchable through Logos. The free apps for iPhone and iPad mean I have all my study resources with me at all times. It's amazing.

Well, that's a few of the things that keep my life running, but I'd love to hear what tools you use most frequently. So, what tools do you hate to be without?

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