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3 Reasons I Started Blogging

The world is by no means hurting from a lack of blogs. Anyone who has any desire to do so can choose from a wide variety of blogging platforms and publish what's on their mind. So why start a blog?

To be honest, my motivation has more to do with me than anything else. I have three primary reasons...

1. I want to find my voice

God-willing I hope to write books in the future and blogging provides me a platform by which to get my feet wet. Communicating via written word is much different than speaking, so I have much to learn and any practice is helpful.

2. I want to learn

The discipline of thinking through various issues to the point of being able to write about them forces me to think more deeply. I also appreciate the questions, comments, and push-back I've received since getting started in January.

3. I want to be helpful

One of the compliments I consider the highest honor is, "That was helpful." I'm a pastor and have a deep desire to help my people, so it's not enough for me to simply communicate what's right, or what's true. I want to communicate what's right and true, as well as being helpful.  I don't have everything figured out, but I want to pass along the things I find helpful and the things that I'm learning. It's by no means the only way, but it is my way and I pray it can help other people.

So, for the most part blogging is about my own growth and the fact that anyone would read along is a blessing to me. I'm trying to find my own voice, I'm trying to learn, and if I can help a few people along the way I count it a great joy!

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