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4 Areas of Focus in 2013

There seem to be two equally odd opinions oozing out of people each new year as it pertains to resolutions. Some people elevate their resolutions to almost savior-like status. This is unfortunate since most of us will not follow through on the things we “resolve” to. Odder still, are people who demonize resolutions and the people who set them.

Here’s my thing: the new year is a great opportunity to prayerfully consider some areas of life I want to give more attention and focus more intentionality. It does not always go as planned (i.e. my goal in 2012 was to write something like 400 blog posts...maybe you’re new to my blog, but I didn’t get close), but setting specific goals still adds value.

As I’ve thought and prayed about this next year of life and ministry, I have four areas that will receive the majority of my focus.

1. Leading

It starts with me - I’m attempting to better set my calendar in order to insure I’m able to feed my own soul, care for my own heart, and steward the health God’s entrusted to me. From this, I’m also working to recalibrate my leadership at home and at Redemption.

2. Reading

They say “leaders are readers” and I tend to agree. Reading is the best way to keep my heart full and my mind sharp. This past year my reading was unorganized, so I want to approach 2013 with more intentionality and have scheduled times to sit and read.

3. Writing

My big mistake last year was not finding a place for writing to live. This year, I’ve set aside one hour four days a week, so as to be more faithful in this important personal discipline.

4. Preaching

D.Martyn Lloyd-Jones wrote, “The work of preaching is the highest and the greatest and the most glorious calling to which anyone can ever be called.” Preaching is an amazing give, often crushing task, and I feel the weight of this responsibility each day. This year, Lord willing, I will read books on preaching, studying other preachers, and preach about 90 sermons between our two services at Redemption.

There will be areas I fall short, goals I don’t accomplish, and plans to reevaluate, but there will also be growth. Growth is always the goal.

How about you? What are you focusing on in 2013?

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