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7 Reasons I Want To Keep Blogging



Each July I take two weeks off to spend time with my family. We play, relax, take care of things around the house, and travel when possible. This also provides an opportunity to evaluate the rhythms in my life, as well as time to prayerfully consider what to start, stop, and continue.

Over these last two weeks of July I have been contemplating whether, or not I want to continue blogging. Blogging began the beginning of this year as a goal to write four posts a week about the things I am passionate about.

These last few months I realized there was something important I had overlooked - blogging is a lot of work! It takes time, creativity, mindshare, and discipline. It is difficult, draining, and tedious. It may come more easily for others, but for me it has been a labor of love.

All of this has left me contemplating the value added by this rhythm. After praying and thinking about it I decided there are too many good reasons to continue blogging at a more manageable pace. Here are seven of my reasons...

1. Because I want to follow through on my commitment. I set blogging as a goal in January and I want to see it through, rather than giving up along the way.

2. Because I want to grow as a writer. Writing is difficult work and since I only grow as I write, I want to keep going.

3. Because I believe it helps me further shepherd my church. This is one more medium by which I can help our people know Jesus and make Him known.

4. Because I need to grow in my personal discipline. My set backs have mainly been an issue of discipline, so this provides me the opportunity to grow in this area as I continue to fight to follow through.

5. Because I have an opportunity to acknowledge my capacity. I began the year with a goal to write four posts a week. Since this has proven to be outside my current capacity I can accept this reality and adjust to posting twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays).

6. Because I desire to help where I can and be helped by others. Blogging provides me a chance to pass along what I am learning in real time and have others speak into, pushback on, and affirm what I write.

7. Because I need to process my thoughts. I continue to find that until I take the time to write down what is floating around in my mind, I do not fully understand it. Blogging forces me to capture, clarify, and communicate these thoughts.

All that to say, I am going to stick with it and shoot to grow in each of these areas. More than anything this has been a great exercise in setting, reeavaluating, and adjusting a goal. So, here's to pushing through and perservering in a labor of love...

Question: What are some helpful ways you have found to follow through on goals you have set? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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