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Monday Mind Dump

You may have noticed I didn't post anything new to the blog last week.'t  That's because we were blessed to spend all of last week in Orlando, FL at Disney World as a family -  it was awesome! (Unfortunately, no one warned us about the severe post-Disney depression that sets in upon your return. We keep wondering why everyone isn't waving and smiling all the time...) Now we're back to work and here's a few things on my mind this morning...

  • Disney is better at hospitality than any church I've ever been to. It doesn't matter if you encounter someone sweeping the streets, working security, or running a ride - EVERYONE is engaging and looking for opportunities to serve. Very impressed by that and challenged to see Redemption grow in this.
  • For some reason I struggle to maintain my spiritual disciplines while on vacation. I think it's because my normal routine is off and I have to be incredibly intentional to stay in God's Word. More on this later this week.
  • I had the day off from preaching yesterday which was a blessing. Having a week off always recreates a deep desire to grow and develop my preaching ministry. It also allows me to walk around more and have a better idea of where we have opportunity to improve our Sunday morning worship gatherings. If you're a preacher and don't schedule time off to simply attend your church, you should.
  • Love the clarity from Harvest Bible Chapel in helping new people know what they can expect if they make Harvest home


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