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How Transformation Happens

How Transformation Happens

It’s the second week of January which means many of us have already given up on the resolutions, goals, or aspirations we had for the new year.

Ok, that may not be fair. Hopefully, most of us are still holding strong to the commitments we’ve made. However, roughly 80% of resolutions are abandoned by February. How does that happen? How do we move from being highly motivated and filled with hope to reverting back to our old ways inside of a few weeks?

I’m sure the full answer to that is complicated, but here’s one massive reason our resolutions fail and our well-intentioned goals go in the ditch so quickly:

We don’t understand how genuine transformation happens. We want it to happen quickly. If we’re honest, we wish the resolution itself was enough to cause the change we want to see. Unfortunately, that’s simply not how true transformation takes place.

Transformation rarely happens in a moment.


Transformation happens through the CONSISTENT PRACTICE of a CLEAR PROCESS.

As an individual, this holds true in your spiritual life, your physical health and any habit you hope to form, or break. As a leader, this is also true of the culture you want to form. It may be your church, workplace or in your family. If you want to see the culture you lead transformed, it’s going to demand the consistent practice of a clear process.

So, let’s get practical.

The first thing you have to do is re-set your expectations to reality.

The transformation you’re after is going to be gradual, potentially even imperceivable from one day to the next. Transformation is better measured year to year than it is day to day. Big idea, it’s going to take time.

Second, develop a clear process.

What practices will cultivate the culture you want? What food and exercise will achieve the health you’re after? What steps are necessary to form, or break the habits you hope will form in your life? You won’t see progress without a process.

Finally, nothing happens apart from execution.

Your process is pointless if it’s not practiced. You have to put it to work. Not for a week. Not for a month. Not once in a while. If we want to see genuine transformation in our lives, in our homes and in our churches, it will require the consistent practice of the clear process we’ve determined.

Transformation is certainly possible. Never lose hope in that. It just happens to be far more work than we tend to think. So let’s throw out the excuses, commit to execute and pursue the transformation we need.

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