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"I Am" Part 1 - Jesus, The Bread Of Life

As I mentioned last week, Sunday marked the start of a new 7-part teaching series at Redemption entitled "I Am: Letting Jesus speak for himself."



Everyone feels free to make claims regarding the identity of Jesus, but few actually listen to the claims he made about himself - we label him without listening to him. Seven times in John's Gospel Jesus said, "I am..." and then proceeded to make a defining claim about who he was and what he'd come to do.

In Part 1 of "I Am" we studied John 6:22-59 where Jesus identifies himself as "the Bread of Life." Jesus claims that he is the bread of life who gives eternal life to the world. This eternal life is received through the singular means of believing in and on Jesus by faith.

You can listen to the full sermon here... In the meantime, here's the outline we followed and some questions for personal reflection:

Title | Jesus, The Bread Of Life

Text | John 6:22-59

BIG IDEA | Belief in Jesus is the work God wants.

4 Affirmations About Jesus, The Bread Of Life...

1. Jesus satisfies our deepest longing (v.35-36)

2. Jesus receives everyone who believes (v.37-40)

3. Jesus raises those the Father draws (v.41-48)

4. Jesus gave his flesh for the life of the world (v.49-59)

Questions for personal reflection:

  • What do you believe about Jesus? What are the primary informers of your perspective regarding the person and work of Jesus?
  • How are you guilty of making Jesus a mere means to an end?
  • Where do you struggle to be satisfied in Christ?
  • Where do you struggle to allow your faith in Christ's work to be the means of your standing with God? Where are you prone to atone for your own sin? Where are you trying to base your relationship with God on your own work and not Christ's?

Series Hashtag: #LetJesusSpeak

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