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"I Am" - Part 2 - Jesus, The Light Of The World



Sermon Overview:

Something in us longs for light. Sadly, darkness is descriptive of the way many of us feel about our lives. Many live with emptiness, and a void they can't fill. Many live marked by anger, fear, depression, resentment, discouragement, or disappointment. The good news is that Jesus shines into the darkness that defines many of our lives.

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Sermon Text:

John 8:12-20

Big Idea:

Jesus is the light that leads to true life.


An Eternity-Altering Claim (v.12a)

An Immediate Consequence (v.12b)

The reality of Jesus as light of the world results in two ways to live...

  • Option #1 - Apart from Jesus you're stumbling in the dark
  • Option #2 - With Jesus you have the light that leads to life

The Deciding Factor = Following Jesus

5 Signs You're Following Jesus...

1. You Believe

2. You Draw Near

3. You Listen

4. You Trust

5. You Obey

Questions For Personal Reflection:

In what ways are you seeking to follow Jesus?

What does it look like for you to draw near to Jesus on a daily basis?

When do you find it most difficult to trust Jesus?

In what areas of your life is Jesus calling for more faithful obedience?

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