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One Of The Many Reasons I'm Thankful for Pastor Scott

Redemption is blessed with the gift of an amazing Associate Pastor of Worship. Pastor Scott Holthaus and I have been sharing life and serving the Lord together through planning and leading worship services for nearly nine years. One of the things that makes him so great to work with is the grace with which he manages the tension between artistic expression and pastoral responsibility. Each week he and his team labor to lead us into the presence of God and each week lives are changed.

Pastor Scott does an excellent job of infusing our worship services with Christmas songs that draw attention to Christ throughout the month of December. This past Sunday was one of the best examples of this.  He and our team arranged my favorite interpretation of The Little Drummer Boy ever! We captured it with an iPhone and recorded audio straight into the board, so we could share it.

Good worship leaders are hard to find and God has graced us with a great one. This is one of the many reasons I'm so thankful for Pastor Scott.


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