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One Simple Vision...

It was damp, dark, and dingy and I was one part terrified, one part excited. All I had was a 6 foot piece of shower board leaning against the wall (on which I'd written a name and some core values) and a clear calling - plant a church. I could hear my then 8-month-old daughter, Ava, pushing herself around upstairs in her walker, the responsibility started to set in, and the questions began to flood my mind...

  •  "Are you sure God called you to do this?"
  •  "Where will the people come from?"
  •  "How do you expect to pay for it?"
  •  "Do you really have any idea what you're doing?"

By God's grace I beat those thoughts back and began to sketch a basic plan for a new church - Redemption Bible Church.

I met with everyone who was willing to hear me out. I was armed with a keynote presentation I'd built on my Mac and a simple vision of seeing people meet Jesus. To my great surprise people began to get on board with this vision, embody this vision, and tell their friends about this vision.

I was thinking about these early months in the planting of our church this past Sunday when I stood up to preach and looked out over this...



265 people. 7 baptisms. 5 first time professions of faith. Still the same simple vision: knowing Jesus and making Him known.

I can't believe what God has done and how far we've come. I'm anxiously anticipating all He has in this next chapter...

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