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Redemption Sermon Bumpers

God has blessed Redemption with some amazing people. One of the people I'm most thankful for is Matthew Born (@matthewcyan) who oversees all of our design and video work. He created our website, does all our branding, and has designed nearly every sermon series ID we've done since we started two years ago.

One of my favorite things Matt does is our sermon bumper videos. These videos run as a transition piece between our "turn and greet" and my sermon. Matt invests an average of 15 hours in each video and because I'm so proud of the work he does I wanted to share a few of them on the blog.

1. Restore - 3 week vision series covering our three rhythms of discipleship at Redemption. Each sermon had it's own bumper.

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2. Jonah - 4 week series through the book of Jonah.

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3. Killing What's Killing You - a 5 week series on mortification of sin.

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