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Monday Mind Dump

  • Another AMAZING day @RedemptionBC yesterday! Spent our time in Mark 12:35-44 and saw how Jesus seeks surrendered lives. Praying our church family would continue to surrender our hearts to Jesus and live with a surrendered faith throughout our lives.
  • Already getting excited about our baptism service coming up this Sunday! We have 4 signed up and praying for more!
  • We got all our listing paperwork turned in this weekend, so our house should go on the market in the next few days. Nothing like moving your church and selling your home at the same time:-) Trusting God's perfect timing in all this.
  • This Sunday @RedemptionBC just might be our best Sunday together yet. We are coming together as one church family in one service for the first time since October. Probably going to need more chairs! I can't wait to fill the auditorium at Life Community Church one last time before beginning our next chapter at Prospect High School on February 5!
  • Preaching all of Mark 13 next Sunday and starting to feel overwhelmed by it. It's a lot to bite off at one time, so I'm praying for God's grace and asking for a way through it that is faithful and clear.
  • I had a great trip to St.Louis last week and enjoyed speaking to a group of pastors on team leadership at the Acts 29 Midwest Quarterly. They took excellent care of us and it was a great blessing to serve.
  • Friday's post, "5 Hats a Pastor Wears" was by far the most read post I've had so far. Thanks so much for taking time to read the blog and for spreading the word!
  • This Wednesday is The Elephant Room round 2! We're going to the live site and spending the day with James MacDonald, Mark Driscoll, TD Jakes, and others. It promises to be a fruitful day and I'm very much looking forward to hearing these men explore some important issues they differ on.

3 Reasons I Manuscript

5 Hats A Pastor Wears