In The Room Ep.42: Alex Early

This week, I’m in the room with Alex Early. Alex is a reluctant pastor, accidental church planter, and the author of a beautiful new book entitled, The Reckless Love of God.  

In my conversation with Alex, we discuss why so many of us struggle to believe God truly loves us, some things that make our hearts grow cold to God’s love, and how a tragic season of trial lead Alex to a deeper understanding of God’s love for him. 

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In The Room Ep.41: Bob Pritchett

This week, I’m in the room with Bob Pritchett. Bob is probably best known for co-founding Logos Research Systems, a Bible Study software that I and many others use on a weekly basis. Bob currently serves as the CEO of the Faithlife Corporation and has authored two books: Fire Someone Today and Start Next Now. 

In my conversation with Bob, we discuss the story of Logos, how leaders shape the culture of the organizations they lead, and how he stays interested in what he’s leading after all these years. 

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The Innovators Dilemma:

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Encountering Jesus Part 1: The Fruit of Forgiveness

Have you encountered the forgiveness of Jesus?

If so, it will bear specific fruit in your life. Where there is no fruit, there's been no forgiveness. In this weeks sermon, we explore the fruit the forgiveness of Jesus produces in us and most importantly, HOW we receive it. 

Learning To Love Monday

Most people hate Mondays. 

Pastors and ministry leaders in particular, experience a unique let down on this “day after THE day." We pour blood, sweat, and prayers into our Sunday worship services and wake up Monday with little in the tank. It’s so bad, in fact, that Barna reports 15% of pastors contemplate leaving ministry every Monday morning.  

I’m certainly not impervious to it. I’ve woken up wanting a different job on more than a few Mondays.


I think two of the reasons we hate Mondays so much are that we know we’re supposed to (pastors love to commiserate about how hard Mondays are) and because we’re not intentional about how we spend this critical first day of the week. Personally, I’m tired of hating Monday, so I’m currently experimenting with better rhythms that are having a huge impact on how I start the week. Here are four practices that are helping me learn to love Monday:

Soak in God's Word.

We all know we should be in the Word daily - not just for the next sermon, but for the good of our own souls. Yet, even with this conviction, I still miss days, don’t you? Regardless, I’m working hard to NEVER miss Monday. I need to be refreshed by God’s Word, renewed by God’s Spirit, and re-energized by God’s Son and the reality of all He is and has done for me. I take my time. I read slowly. I reflect deeply. Don’t start Monday without soaking in God’s Word.

Sweat in the sun.

Most Monday mornings I feel like drinking coffee and eating scones on the couch until nap time. What I rarely feel like is exercise (unless you count the reps of bringing my coffee and scones to my face). As is often the case, what I feel like and what is good for me are two very different things. A good workout that gets my heart rate up has a way of washing away the post-weekend funk. Furthermore, I try to ensure I get outside in the sun for this. The combination of exercise and fresh air resets my body and refocuses my mind. So, take a walk, go for a run, find a nice place to hike - just get in the sun and work up a sweat. 

Schedule carefully.

We all have parts of our ministry responsibilities that fill our tanks and parts that drain them. On Mondays I schedule the things that fill my tank. For me that means I don’t take many (if any meetings). I’m an outgoing introvert (which means I’m introverted but I’m not shy). I love spending time with people, but I also find that it takes more out of me than it puts in. You may be the opposite. My advice, schedule what fills your tank and avoid what doesn’t. 

Start on next Sunday.

One of the mistakes people make with fitness is avoiding exercise when they're sore. Unfortunately, it’s exercise that makes your blood pump and your muscles loosen up. Ministry is the same. Many of us start Monday spiritually, emotionally, and mentally sore. One thing that helps me is jumping right back in and getting back to work. For me, that means starting my next sermon. Inevitably I’m impacted by the text and by the end of the day, I’m excited about another opportunity to tell people about Jesus yet again.

Sometimes Monday sucks. Sometimes just getting through it is success. Even though that’s going to happen, it doesn’t have to be normative. Let’s bring more intentionally to this important day, find what fills our tanks and learn to love Mondays together.

How To Stay Friends In Ministry

I have 30 years of friendship between Scott (middle) and Tyler (left). 

I have 30 years of friendship between Scott (middle) and Tyler (left). 

I once heard a prominent ministry leader parrot something from the platform that bothered me:

"You can’t plant a church with your friends." 

He had a long list of reasons, many of which were rich with wisdom and right on point. Despite that fact, the sentence bothered me.

It bothered me then, because I was doing just that. Tami and I planted Redemption with our closest friends. It bothers me now because I think he was wrong. Not only CAN you plant a church with your friends, I believe more people SHOULD.

As someone who is seven years into church planting with two of my best friends (both of which are now on our paid staff), I think there is a better way to state the intended warning, while not throwing out the baby with the proverbial bath water. What I would say is:

Ministry has marred many friendships.

I don’t believe that means friends should not partner in gospel-ministry together, but I do believe we need to be sober-minded and labor to stay friends at the outset. Here are five things that have been key (albeit painful, at times) to seeing our friendships thrive on our staff...

1. Pray with and for one another.

Prayer with and for someone has a curious way of uniting your heart with theirs. It’s hard to be too put off with someone you’re praying with and for. When something that someone has said, or done is bothering you, pray for them. You may just find that God changes you more than them. 

2. Speak candidly when something is bothering you. 

Sin happens. Friends will sin against you and you will sin against your friends. This is when you need candid conversation. In my experience, it’s the words we leave unspoken that do more damage than the ones we do. Don’t be a jerk, but don’t be a coward either. After careful thought and prayer, say what’s on your mind.

3. Forgive when you inevitably sin against one another. 

It’s not enough to talk about sin, there needs to be regular repentance and forgiveness. When you harbor hurt, it degenerates into bitterness, and bitterness dishonors God and destroys the carrier. There is no longterm friendship without an immense amount of forgiveness. What are you holding on to? What do you need to let go of and forgive?

4. Be friends first and then co-laborers.

I’ve made the mistake of putting the friendship on the back burner in the name of ministry. Sometimes ministry has to take priority, but do this for too long, and it’s only a matter of time before there’s no friendship to protect. The health of the friendship directly informs the health of the ministry. Have fun. Hang out. Eat food. Play. Laugh. Live all of life together, not just ministry.

5. Accept them for who they are, not who you hope they’ll become.

We labor in ministry to see lives changed and eternities altered. One liability I’ve noticed in my own heart, however, is that I can love people more for who they’re becoming than who they are. That’s not how Jesus loves us and not how we should love others. We all need to grow and change, but if friendship is contingent on a set of behavior conditions, it’s really not friendship shaped by the gospel.

If you do the work of ministry with friends it will be hard, but it will also be more fulfilling, more rich and more meaningful. Should God allow, I highly recommend you jump into ministry with your friends.

I know I'm not the only one doing the work of ministry with friends. If you are, or have done it too, what are some best practices you've learned? Share your thoughts here.

In The Room Ep. 40: Kelly O’Dell Stanley

On this final episode of the summer, I’m in the room with artist and author Kelly O’Dell Stanley, who’s written a new book on prayer entitled “Praying Upside Down”.

In my conversation with Kelly, we discuss the pros and cons of growing up in various denominations within the church, the roll of creativity in prayer, and what it means to pray upside down.

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The book recommended by Kelly during the episode: "Found" by Micha Boyett 

In The Room Ep. 39: Elyse Fitzpatrick

On this episode I’m in the room with Elyse Fitzpatrick. Elyse is a counselor, speaker and the head of Counsel from the Cross Ministries. She’s written twenty books, including “Found In Him: The Joy of the Incarnation and Our Union with Christ”.

In my conversation with Elyse, we discuss what type of ministry women need most, how to grow in our affection for theology, and how the doctrines of incarnation and union with Christ impact us day to day.  

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In The Room Ep. 38: Edward Welch

On this episode, I’m in the room with Edward Welch. Ed is a counselor and faculty member at the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation. He’s been counseling for over 35 years and has written a number of excellent books, including his most recent, “Side by Side: Walking with Others in Wisdom and Love”.

In my conversation with Ed, we discuss some of the reasons behind the rise in the number of people seeking counseling, what to look for in a good counselor, and some keys to living in interdependent community with others.   

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In The Room Ep. 37: Nancy Ortberg

On this episode, I’m in the room with Nancy Ortberg. Nancy currently serves as the Director of Leadership Development at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in Northern California. She’s a leading voice on the topic of leadership and has written a number of books. Her most recent is  “Seeing in the Dark: Finding God's Light in the Most Unexpected Places” and that’s what we’re discussing today.  

In my conversation with Nancy, we cover why God allows us to walk through dark seasons, how God means them to produce joy in our lives, and why it’s so crucial that we fight for faith in community.

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Books Nancy recommended in the episode:

Lament for a Son

A Grace Disguised

My Bright Abyss 

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In The Room Ep. 36: Carl Trueman

On this episode, I’m in the room with Carl Trueman. Carl is the Professor of Historical Theology and Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary. He co-hosts the “Mortification of Spin” podcast and is the author of numerous books, including his most recent entitled “Luther on the Christian Life.”  

In my conversation with Carl, we discuss why church history matters, why we should all read biography, and what we have to learn as modern day Christians from the amazing life of Martin Luther. 

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In The Room Ep. 35: Cherie Lowe


On this episode, I’m in the room with Cherie Lowe. A few years back, Cherie and her husband woke up to realize they had accumulated almost $130,000 in debt. That realization sent them on a journey that resulted in her recent book “Slaying The Debt Dragon”. I’m happy to report that by God’s grace, they climbed out of that hole and now spend their lives helping others do the same. Cherie and her husband’s story has been shared in the Wall Street Journal and they’ve appeared on Yahoo Finance, and Relevant Magazine. Cherie now appears weekly as a savings expert on the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis, IN.   

In my conversation with Cherie, we discuss the sometimes subtle ways debt happens, where to start slaying your own debt dragon, and some things to look out for in the process.  

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In The Room Ep. 34: Burk Parsons

On this episode, I’m in the room with Burk Parsons. He’s the co-pastor of St. Andrew’s Chapel with R.C. Sproul, an author, and the editor of Table Talk Magazine. 

In our conversation, we’re discussing what makes theology so divisive, how to hold to convictions without alienating others, and how he was almost a founding member of ’N Sync.

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In The Room Ep. 33: Lore Ferguson

On this episode I’m in the room with Lore Ferguson. Lore is an avid blogger at and a regular contributor to The Gospel Coalition and Christianity Today.

In our conversation we’re discussing her writing process, why she limits the number of people she follows on twitter, and how she goes about writing on topics she’s knows are sensitive to many.

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In The Room Ep.32: Jared Brock

On this episode, I’m in the room with Jared Brock. Jared is a documentary film maker, an author, and the co-founder of “Hope for the Sold” - an abolitionist non-profit organization fighting sex trafficking. 

While filming in the red light districts of Amsterdam, Jared was reminded of our deep need for prayer. This reminder resulted in a 37,000 mile prayer pilgrimage around the globe. His new book, “A Year Of Living Prayerfully” is a travel memoir documenting this journey.   

In my conversation with Jared, we discuss the reasons prayer runs dry in our lives, how ministry leaders can help fuel the fire of prayer in their own lives and the lives of those they lead, and how in the world Jared ended up meeting the pope on this journey. 

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In The Room Ep.31: Jen Wilkin

On this episode, I’m in the room with Jen Wilkin. Jen is a married mother of four and spends a good deal of time trying to further one of her great passions, which is helping women learn to love God with their minds through faithful study of His word. As a result, she is a sought-after Bible teacher and has recently written an excellent book entitled, “Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds.” She and her family live in Texas and are members of The Village Church where Matt Chandler is pastor, who has also been on the podcast. 

In my conversation with Jen, we’re discussing the epidemic of Biblical illiteracy, the method she uses to help people learn to study the Bible for themselves, as well as a few issues surrounding women’s ministry.

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In The Room Ep. 30: Collin Hansen

On this episode, I’m in the room with Collin Hansen. He’s the editorial director for The Gospel Coalition and the author of a new book called “Blind Spots: Becoming a Courageous, Compassionate and Commissioned Church". 

In our conversation, we’re discussing the blind spots common to all Christians, whether or not our convictions are shaped by personal experience, and how we can get better at listening to those we differ from. 

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Connor's Story of Grace

Periodically at Redemption we run what we call a "Story of Grace" during our worship service. They're testimonial videos of people in our church talking about how God has been faithful to them and shown them His grace.

This is Connor's story. He's been a member of our church since almost the beginning and plays drums for us on the weekends. He's a blessing and has a great story. I hope you'll take a few minutes and be reminded that we were serve a faithful God.

In The Room Ep.29: Gloria Furman

This week I’m in the room with Gloria Furman. She and her husband Dave are church planters in Dubai and she’s written an excellent new book called The Pastor’s Wife: Strengthened by Grace for a Life of Love. 

In our conversation we’re discussing the challenges of being a pastor’s wife in a foreign context, the dangers of comparing yourself to others, and some of the difficulties surrounding this unique roll.

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