Ryan is the Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Hickory, NC. He is the host of the "In The Room" podcast, and the author of 8 Hours, Or Less: Writing Faithful Sermons Faster.  

Ep 19: Making a Biblical Movie That Doesn’t Suck feat Cliff Graham

Today I’m in the room with Cliff Graham. He’s the author of the The Lion of War book series based on the life of King David and his mighty men.

In our conversation, we discuss the violent nature of some Scripture, the upcoming movie based on his books, and the organization, Operation Underground Railroad, he works with, freeing children from sex slavery.

Buy one of Cliff’s books on Amazon: rdmptn.org/CliffGraham

Connect with Cliff on Twitter: twitter.com/cliffgraham

Check out Cliff’s website: cliffgraham.com

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