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Ep 22: Ministry for the Long Haul feat James MacDonald

This week is special for me personally because I’m in the room with Pastor James MacDonald. When I started the podcast, I had a list of 5 people I most wanted to talked to and Pastor James was at the top of that list. For the past 6 years, he’s been a close friend, mentor and pastor to me personally and I’m excited to be able to invite you into so much of what I’ve been blessed by since I’ve known Him. 

He’s the founding pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, reaching thousands of people at seven locations across Chicagoland. Millions of people hear him preach daily through his Walk in the Word TV and radio ministry. The Harvest Bible Fellowship has planted over 100 church around the world. 

Today we’re discussing ministry longevity. With so many pastors burning out, we need a healthier approach to ministry. In our conversation, we discuss the role of preparation, family, friendship, preaching, and leadership in helping the pastor endure for the long haul. James also shares some specific insights he’s learned from his critics. 

Here are some way to connect with James:
Website: jamesmacdonald.com

Books: rdmptn.org/JamesMacDonaldBooks

Blog: jamesmacdonald.com/blog/

Twitter: twitter.com/jamesmacdonald

Instagram: https://instagram.com/pastorjamesmacdonald/

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