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Ep 32: A Year of Living Prayerfully feat. Jared Brock

On this episode, I’m in the room with Jared Brock. Jared is a documentary film maker, an author, and the co-founder of “Hope for the Sold” - an abolitionist non-profit organization fighting sex trafficking. 

While filming in the red light districts of Amsterdam, Jared was reminded of our deep need for prayer. This reminder resulted in a 37,000 mile prayer pilgrimage around the globe. His new book, “A Year Of Living Prayerfully” is a travel memoir documenting this journey.   

In my conversation with Jared, we discuss the reasons prayer runs dry in our lives, how ministry leaders can help fuel the fire of prayer in their own lives and the lives of those they lead, and how in the world Jared ended up meeting the pope on this journey. 

Buy “A Year Of Living Prayerfully”: rdmptn.org/LivingPrayerfully

Follow Jared on Twitter: twitter.com/jaredbrock

Check out the Red Light Green Light Film: redlightgreenlightfilm.com

Find out more about “Hope For the Sold”: hopeforthesold.com
Check out Jared’s Blog: jaredbrock.com

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