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Ep. 35: Slaying The Debt Dragon feat. Cherie Lowe

On this episode, I’m in the room with Cherie Lowe. A few years back, Cherie and her husband woke up to realize they had accumulated almost $130,000 in debt. That realization sent them on a journey that resulted in her recent book “Slaying The Debt Dragon”. I’m happy to report that by God’s grace, they climbed out of that hole and now spend their lives helping others do the same. Cherie and her husband’s story has been shared in the Wall Street Journal and they’ve appeared on Yahoo Finance, DaveRamsey.com and Relevant Magazine. Cherie now appears weekly as a savings expert on the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis, IN.   

In my conversation with Cherie, we discuss the sometimes subtle ways debt happens, where to start slaying your own debt dragon, and some things to look out for in the process.  

Buy “Slaying The Debt Dragon”: rdmptn.org/SlayingDebtDragon

Follow Cherie on Twitter: twitter.com/thequeenoffree
Check out Cherie’s Blog: queenoffree.net

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