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God Is Greater Than The Zombies...And Whatever You're Facing

Imagine you walked into church one Sunday and everywhere you looked were zombies. Not real zombies, of course. Because of course, there aren’t real zombies, or are there? Anyways... 

Imagine you walked into a worship service one Sunday and everywhere you looked were zombies.

Zombie posters.

Zombie pictures.

Signs that scream, “Zombie!” 

Everywhere you look, zombies. Now, no matter how much you love The Walking Dead, I think you’ll agree that zombies don’t necessarily create an environment conducive to corporate worship. 

A few weeks ago, this is exactly what we walked into at Redemption. We meet in a High School Auditorium where the stage is surrounded by zombie pictures for the current production they’re working on, entitled...wait for it...Zombie Prom. Yep.

Zombie Prom.

The start of Zombie Prom coincided with our launch of a new sermon series called "I Am," which works through the seven “I am” statements Jesus makes in John’s Gospel. I will admit, the irony of teaching Jesus’ “I am the bread of life...Whoever feeds on my flesh...” statement on the first Sunday was not lost on me (nor anyone else in the room). 

When I was first informed of our Zombie Prom themed stage, I was a wee bit frustrated. I’d had such high hopes for the series. I’d planned on people coming to faith. I’d planned on Jesus moving in power. I'd planned on Jesus transforming lives. But now,  the zombies had ruined everything.

Yeah, not so much. 

Turns out that God is greater than the Zombie Prom. Despite the posters, the pictures, the signs, and even this:

Yes, that is in fact an upside down cross on this demon babies head...

I've still had conversations with people who have trusted Jesus by faith. I've had multiple encounters with people who have said that God is transforming their lives through this series. In short, God is moving in power...in spite of the stupid Zombie Prom.

In Psalm 145:3 David writes, “Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable.” That fact that God’s greatness is unsearchable does not mean that we are incapable of understanding any aspect of God's greatness. It means we are incapable of fully comprehending all of God's greatness. 

It means God is greater than whatever obstacle your church is facing. It means that God is greater than your weakness. It means that God is greater than your sickness. It means that God is greater than your weariness. It means God is greater than your marital issues. It means that God is greater than your finances.

No matter what it is—no matter what issue you face, no matter what obstacle you encounter, no matter what hardship you experience,

God is greater. 

Even than the zombies.

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