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5 Rules For Family Devotions

5 Rules For Family Devotions

This week I'm writing about family devotions. We've talked about a strategy, how to pick the right resources, and I want to conclude this short series with five simple rules for family worship. So here they are...

1. Keep It Simple

Read. Sing. Pray. It really doesn't need to be more complicated than that. I spent an entire year so overwhelmed about how to perfectly shepherd my kids that I largely wasn't shepherding my kids. I can't overemphasize how important it is that you don't get up in your head about this. Choose your resources carefully, but then keep it simple and get after it. 

2. Keep It Fun

The quickest way to kill momentum is make your kids dread devotions. Keep it fun. Get over yourself. Act out stories. Make a game out of it. Use voices. Put them in the story. I don't care how you do it, just keep it fun. Fun takes work, so put in the extra effort because it will be worth it. 

3. Keep It Short

You don't get points for being long-winded. My kids are little, so we're between five and ten minutes tops. Get to the point. Sing a song. Pray to close. Remember, the goal is to cast seed that can produce God-conversation throughout the day. 

4. Keep It Participatory

Ask LOTS of questions. Ask if they have any questions. My kids ask crazy questions that would never cross my mind. The quickest way to feel like a spiritual light-weight is to try and field the theological questions of a three-year-old. Just find ways to include them. When we were reading about Joshua and the fall of the walls of Jericho, we marched around our coffee table and yelled and went crazy - I felt like an idiot, but they still know that story. Keep it participatory. 

5. Keep It Consistent

Pick a time and a place. Pick how many days a week you're going to do it and plan your strategy. Then do it. If you miss a day, get back at it the next day. Don't be discouraged if it starts out rough. It may take a little time, but if you stick with it, it will become habit and the entire family will look forward to it. 

These rules aren't meant to be restrictive, they're meant to be helpful. I've been praying all week that these posts would be encouraging and help simplify this important practice in your family like they have in mine. I'm praying and trusting that God will use His Word invested into our kids to draw them to Himself.


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What are some practical rules you've found helpful for family devotions? Leave a comment here...

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