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Big Idea: Today's insurmountable obstacle is tomorrow's testament to God's grace.

My journal is filled with desperate prayers concerning what have often felt like daunting problems.

  • Circumstances outside my control that need changing.  
  • Conversations I'm concerned will be difficult and not go the way I hope.
  • Issues of provision and uncertainty surrounding how God will provide.

A few weeks ago I woke up one morning knowing the day before me held the possibility of a handful of these daunting problems. I immediately felt the all too familiar anxiety and apprehension surrounding what I hoped to accomplish and what needed to be done.

But suddenly I was struck by a very different reality...

I love reading the stories of those God has used throughout history. The diversity of those He uses is staggering. There is no one personality type, ministry philosophy, nor theological tribe God has been limited to. All of this serves to make much of God and breed humility in us.

Outside the Bible, biographies of the people God has used to make a lasting impact tend to be my favorite reading. The stories of Martin Luther, John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, D.L. Moody, C.H. Spurgeon, and A.W. Tozer have all served my soul, my marriage, and my ministry. Besides the amazing nature of these stories, there are three primary reasons I read these great books: