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3 Connection Essentials (Part 2)

This post is part two of a four part series entitled, “3 Connection Essentials.” If you missed part one you can find it here...

Connection Essential #1 - A Destination

No one ever sets out on a journey without first determining their desired destination. Therefore, the planning of every trip starts with a basic question: “Where do we want to go?”  A similar question is necessary in the planning of an effective connection strategy for your church:

 Connection Question | What exactly does “connected” look like at my church?

The answer will differ from church to church based on your discipleship strategy, but until you answer this question you cannot form a process around it.

At Redemption, we define “connected” as a covenant member participating in the three essential rhythms of discipleship - worship, community, and mission. This means we want people to have completed our membership class, attend the worship gathering each Sunday, participate in a community group, and serve on a missional team. Until all of this is happening we believe we still have work to do in insuring our people are connected.

With Scripture as your foundation and your filter, what are the essential rhythms you believe people need to be connected to? What programs do you believe people need to be participating in? What are your desired expectations for those who call your church, home?

The the more clearly you answer these questions, the more clearly you will understand what your are trying to connect people to. You can’t disciple those you don’t connect and the first connection essential is, A Destination.

So, what exactly does “connected” look like at your church?


Check back tomorrow for the second connection essential: A Vehicle.

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