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3 Connection Essentials (Part 3)

This post is part three of a four part series entitled, “3 Connection Essentials.” Here are Part One and Part Two...

Connection Essential #2 - A Vehicle

Once you have determined where you are trying to go, you are ready to design the vehicle by which you can help people get to this desired destination.

Connection Question | What are the necessary next steps?

So, let’s say you decide your connection destination is covenant members worshiping in community on mission. What is it going to take to get people there? People need next steps. How will you move people through a series of subsequent next steps leading to connection?

The first step is getting people’s information.

At Redemption we use a simple information card where people write their name, address, phone number, email, provide prayer requests, etc. Each week during our platform announcements we have everyone (yes, EVERYONE) fill out this card. We say, “If you’re new we need you fill out the entire card and if you’ve already filled one out we just need your name, and anything we can pray with you about.” The number of people who fill out the card when everyone does it is exponentially higher. I was skeptical the first few times we tried it, but it is definitely true.

Once you have people’s information you can provide them with their next step. It may be a newcomer class, a small group, a lunch, or a serving opportunity. Everyone’s first step at Redemption is our monthly Newcomer’s Lunch where I share a quick overview of our vision, strategy, and have a brief time of Q&A. After the Newcomer's Lunch you move to the Intro to Redemption Class, and you are on your way to covenant membership and our connection destination.

This is hard work, but necessary work. Your strategy will most likely be complex, but the next steps must be simple. You can’t disciple those you don’t connect, so once you have your connection destination, what are the necessary next steps to get there? This is your connection vehicle.


Check back tomorrow for the final connection essential: A Mechanic.

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