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3 Keys to Consistent Prayer

One of my goals for this year has been to pursue growth in my prayer life. To do so, I have been reading, studying, and most importantly, praying. By God's grace I am seeing growth and have found these three things to be crucial to the consistent increase of fervent prayer.



1. Dependence

In Psalm 65:2 King David writes, "O you who hear prayer, to you shall all flesh come." All flesh comes to God because all flesh is dependent upon God. Independence is the great enemy of prayer. The more we identify and embrace our dependence on God the more we come to Him for help through prayer. Where are you currently dependent upon God?

2. Desire

We do the things we desire to do. Therefore, if our lives are not marked by prayer it is not because we do not have time, or do not know how, but because we do not truly desire to pray. So, where does the desire to pray come from? Embracing dependence upon God produces a desire to pray because He is the One we need and the Provider of all we need. The more we embrace our dependence the more constant our desire to seek Him in prayer will be.

3. Discipline

Even with an awareness of our dependence and the desire for prayer that grows from it, consistent prayer cannot be maintained apart from discipline. We must make prayer a priority, guard that time, and have a strong plan. What will you pray about? Where will you pray? When will you pray? These are all crucial questions we must answer if we are to grow in both the quality and the quantity of our prayer.

Prayer is the great gift of communicating with God. Think about that. We are invited to talk to GOD! If that does not stir your affections and at least begin to grow a desire for prayer within you, check your pulse! Let's embrace our dependence on God, allow it to stir our desire for prayer, and discipline ourselves to be people of fervent prayer.

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