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Busy People & The Bible

Few things keep Christians from consistent time in the Bible like busyness. 

We are busy with school, busy with work, busy caring for kids, busy with hobbies, busy at church, and busy with relationships. 

We are a busy people.


Psalm 71:8"My mouth is filled with your praise, and with your glory all the day."


I read this the other day and immediately asked myself, "What's in my mouth throughout the day? Is my speech continually marked by a constant praise of who God is and what He's done for me?"

The obvious answer was of course, "No."


I've always been oddly interested in the process various pastors use in preparing to preach. Not just the textual work and crafting of the sermon, but specifically their day of preparation. Personally, I've seen over and over how the quality of my preparation directly impacts the quality of my proclamation. My Sunday morning schedule has changed with our facilities, service times, and other factors, but here's my current Sunday morning process for preparing to preach.


Have you ever tweeted something you ended up regretting? Yeah, me too.

Just this past Wednesday night in a moment of frustration I vented via Twitter. By God's grace, my wife saw it within five minutes and graciously corrected both my attitude and my behavior and I quickly pulled the tweet down.