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Every Name A Number

At Redemption we are meticulous about keeping track of our numbers. This is NOT because we find our identity in, nor measure our worth by the numbers, but because behind every number is a name.  Every number is a life that has been influenced and impacted by Jesus.

Last week we had a members meeting and Ashely Herr, one of our elders, put together a presentation that served as a celebration of God's grace in and through our church, as well as an incredible blessing to our church family.

Here are some of the things we celebrated in a few areas of focus at Redemption:

WORSHIP 189 worship gatherings attended by almost 20,000 people singing over 800 worship songs 25 public confessions of faith through the sacrament of baptism over 60% year-over-year growth installed 3 elders in January 2011

COMMUNITY launched community groups in September 2009 with over 30 people in 3 community groups 127 people in 12 community groups this summer 60% growth in community groups each year over 95% of members are in community groups

MISSION currently 101 people serving on 11 missional teams led by 8 MTLs 92% of members are serving on missional teams community groups have completed 24 community service projects so far in 2012 given over $34,000 towards church planting financially supported 13 churches over $10,000 reserved for future Redemption church plants

CONNECTION 411 new people have filled out an Info Card 149 people attended the Newcomers’ Lunch 83 people attended the Intro Class added 47 new members

Tracking numbers helps us know some areas of success and some areas we have work to do. I am so thankful for the team of people that help us keep these measurements and I am humbled by the work Jesus has done in each of the names behind these numbers. .

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