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Feedback Isn't Failure

Redemption is what we refer to as "feedback rich environment." Because we believe everything can always be better and because D3 Leadership is so central to our leadership culture, we are constantly giving and receiving feedback regarding everything we do. When feedback is critical in nature it never feels good, but for some people feedback equals failure.

Feedback, however, does not mean that you have failed. Feedback only feels like failure when we forget the gospel. If critical feedback feels like an attack on my identity than I have a performance idol I need to repent of.

The gospel says, "My identity, value, meaning and worth are NOT wrapped up in my failed performance. My identity, value, meaning, and worth are wrapped up in the perfect performance of Jesus."

If my identity is in Christ, feedback is helpful.

We are fallen, sinful, and imperfect people, so perfection is not attainable which means feedback is inevitable and necessary.

Feedback helps me see my sin. Feedback helps me know where I have opportunity to grow. Feedback reminds me I'm not perfect. Feedback cultivates humility.

Feedback isn't failure.

Feedback is just feedback.

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