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D3 Leadership

At Redemption we work hard to evaluate everything we do. The underlying conviction behind this is the belief that everything can always be better. We can always lead more effectively, execute more efficiently, and create with more quality.

We've created a simple strategy that we filter every aspect of every ministry through and we call it D3 Leadership. Here's how it works.

1. Diagnose what's Broken

When you're not feeling well physically and unsure why, you go and see a doctor. The doctor then goes to work asking questions and running tests, all with the goal of providing you with an accurate diagnoses of what's not working. We practice this same discipline in every area under our leadership. We're always on the lookout for something that's broken (and something is always broken), or not working as effectively as it could. Once we've correctly diagnosed what's broken, we...

2. Discern the Solution

Think about the doctor again. Once they've identified what's not working correctly they can prescribe the necessary solution to help you get healthy again. Similarly, once we've accurately diagnosed something that is broken in one of our ministry areas we go to work discerning the most appropriate solution. This is the step I find most people struggle with. Pointing out problems is easy, but actually doing the work of figuring out how to solve them is much more difficult.  But once we've done the hard work of discerning the solution, we...

3. Drive to the Finish

Imagine your doctor diagnoses your sickness, prescribes a solution, but then you don't do what they tell you to do. Identification without implementation is pointless. Driving to the finish is all about execution. It means doing whatever it takes to get it done. Most people can see a problem, many can even find a solution, but few follow through to completion.

D3 Leadership may sound simple, but we continue to find that most of our leadership headaches stem from a failure to execute one of these skills. So, we talk about it, coach against it, and strive for it. I want to lead a team that solves problems and overcomes obstacles and D3 Leadership is helping us accomplish this task.


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